The Repertoire of Extraterritorial Repression: Diasporas and Home States

Ahmet Erdi Öztürk and Hakkı Taş (2020) ‘The Repertoire of Extraterritorial Repression: Diasporas and Home States,’ Migration Letters 17 (1): 59-69. Full Text

Abstract: This article scrutinises the extraterritorial repression strategies of contemporary non-democracies, as evidenced by the Turkish Justice and Development Party’s efforts to purge the Gülen Movement globally after the 2016 coup attempt. Adopting “repertoire”, as conceptualised by Charles Tilly, this article explores it in light of “extraterritorial repression,” which includes the diverse skills and tactics mobilised to stifle dissent beyond national borders. This set of repressive measures is further directed at making claims on individuals and movements in the diaspora. By bringing attention to the repressive side of diaspora engagement, this article shows that diasporas are also shaped by repressive policies from their home countries.

Painting: Abidin Dino, “Torture”

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