Doom and Gloom: Leaving Erdogan’s Turkey

Ahmet Erdi Öztürk and Hakkı Taş (2022) ‘Doom and Gloom: Leaving Erdoğan’s Turkey,’ GIGA FOCUS Middle East 1: 1–13.

Since the outset of the 2000s, the “Turkish model” embracing Islamic liberalism was set as an example for the Muslim world in turmoil. Today, far from being a desired model country, even many of its own citizens feel despair about Turkey’s political and economic future and are looking for a new life abroad, while thousands of others flee repression, seeking asylum in Western, democratic countries. Despite its wide recognition as a host or transit country in current migration flows, Turkey has traditionally been one of the top emigration countries, with over 6.7 million diasporans and another three million permanent returnees. The ongoing outflow, widely ranging from asylum seekers to wealthy businesspeople, represents Turkey’s fifth emigration wave in its republican history.

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