Doctors Fleeing Borders: Is Turkey becoming Europe’s Venezuela?

Bahar Baser, Ahmet Erdi Öztürk, and Hakkı Taş (2022) ‘Doctors Fleeing Borders: Is Turkey becoming Europe’s Venezuela?,’ LSE Blog, April 28. Full Text.

Excerpt: The exodus of qualified health professionals is not an isolated occurrence, but rather reflects a full-scale brain drain, and a broader wave of long-term emigration. In the case of Venezuela, this led to the largest migration and refugee crisis on the continent, comprising now more than 5.9 million Venezuelan refugees and migrants worldwide – referred to as the ‘Bolivarian diaspora.’ With the economy, security and healthcare systems deteriorating, and political repression increasing after President Maduro’s 2017 self-coup (autogolpe), Venezuelan asylum claims tripled in 2018 and displacement increased fourfold since then.

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