Politics of Truth and Post-truth

Having more sources than Kemal Atatürk did a century ago, the AKP could amplify its truth- claims at every platform from media to schools to mosques. Nevertheless, the AKP may be shooting itself in the foot as this grand project could backfire due to the immense cynicism generated by its post- truth politics.

Streit um Islam und Macron

Viele Proteste in muslimisch geprägten Ländern gegen Äußerungen von Frankreichs Präsidenten Emmanuel Macron zum Islam sind wohl spontan. Dennoch werden sie politisch instrumentalisiert.

Reading Mahfouz after Mubarak

According to Hakkı Taş of Hamburg-based GIGA Institute of Middle East Studies, Mubarak’s legacy is the institutionalisation of a personalised authoritarian regime in post-Cold War Egypt.

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